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Do you know how your customers really feel about their experience with your organization?

Now… you can.

Imagine if you could measure your team performance in real time to know how they are affecting the guest experience. Phaceology is a powerful, 100% opt-in customer feedback tool, providing spontaneously honest guest reviews. It also provides accurate measurements of how your employees are feeling and interacting with customers. And, Phaceology provides guidance and support towards improving these interactions.

What is Phaceology?

We focus on changing lives and elevating professional performance. With the help of carefully placed cameras, microphones and revolutionary software that detects facial emotions, Phaceology provides precise, universal guest reviews and team member feedback, reinforced by an entire library of support to help you elevate your game.

Why it will change the industry:

  • It’s impossible to fake facial emotion.

    You no longer have to guess how employees and clientele act, because it’s all in front of you in an instant.

  • Objective, quantifiable data

    People have been trying to quantify this type of data for years, but the technology is just now allowing for it.

  • Guided Training

    Too often, employees are trained on the wrong thing. This data lets you know what to train on, and let’s you know if it sticks.

  • Zero impact to staff resources

    Phaceology provides all the data you want, so you don’t have to waste time monitoring.

With Phaceology, you’ll see a positive chain reaction:

  • Improved Individuals and Fun Team Environment

    Elevated individual performance leads to improved team performance towards an enhanced customer experience.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    Improving the overall customer experience leads to loyal, repeat business, positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.

  • Elevated Revenues & Shareholder Value

    Loyal clients lead to enriched bottom line productivity and shareholder value. Studies show optimizing the customer experience typically results in revenue growth of 5-10%.



Useful for everyone, from CEO to server

  • For employees interacting with clients.

    The best companies focus on the progression of individual employees. This results in a better experience for clients, which in turn improves a company’s future.

  • For managers on location.

    This technology makes it easy for managers to know what to train on and how to improve.

  • For company leadership.

    Every CEO struggles to understand exactly what’s happening at the ground level. Phaceology provides simple, actionable data.

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Phaceology Feedback

“FYI, Comparison of Phaceology implementation Before & After, 2016-2017. Figures speak by themselves. Our voice of guest surveys have improved across the board by double-digit growth. “

Christophe ChamboncelGeneral Manager / Dyrektor Generalny Accor Hotels

“Phaceology is at the forefront of a massive new
market solution–game changing worldwide in the field
of customer service and team-member improvement.”

Stardocs MediaPowerful Brand ManagementStardocs Media

“Phaceology is insanely powerful. This ‘big-data’
is useful from top to bottom of any organization.”

Peter Sessions, CEOFewer Hats, LLCFewer Hats

“Phaceology makes the invisible visible to us. We are now able to see and measure our performance at times and in places that we’ve never seen before. It’s really excellent data.”

Victoire CrosetDirector of Special ProjectsAccor Hotels

“Talk about enlightened training–Phaceology presents
a leading edge, elevated customer service experience
by focusing on the front line team members.  Genius.”

Healthy MagazineTons of Useful StuffHealthy Magazine

“With Phaceology’s emotion recognition technology
our guest responses improved 30%, tips are up 40%,
and revenues have increased by much as 12%.”

Costa Vida RestaurantsKenny Prestwich, Founder & Key OperatorCosta Vida
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