Phaceology Empowers Your Business With Emotion Recognition

Do you really know how your customers feel
about their experience with your organization?

Phaceology Basics

We believe in empowering the one. We feel that employees can only rise to the level of their training, and Phaceology helps companies understand how their teams and employees are doing so they can train accordingly. With the help of cameras that detects facial emotions, Phaceology provides accurate guest reviews and team member feedback, reinforced by an entire LMS of support to help you elevate your game. We’re all about improving the one, and helping employees rise to the level of their training.

  • Unbiased Data

    People have been trying to quantify this type of data for years, but the technology is just now allowing for it.

  • Zero Impact To Staff

    Phaceology provides all the data you want, so you don’t have to waste time monitoring.

  • It’s Impossible to Fake Facial Emotion

    You no longer have to guess how employees and clientele act, because it’s all in front of you in an instant.

  • Guided Training

    Too often, employees are trained on the wrong thing. This data lets you know what to train on, and let’s you know if it sticks.

Powerful feedback for everyone in your organization—top to bottom.

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