What is Phaceology?

Phaceology is a platform that, for the first time, allows companies to measure and develop the quality of their interactions with guests, face-to-face, in real-time. Inconspicuously placed cameras and our emotion detection software processes live video onsite giving a score to employee/customer interactions throughout the day. We know ‘what can be measured can be improved.’ Thus, these unique data begin helping teams measure how they are influencing customers’ attitudes. These data generate automated, targeted guidance to support team development and it emboldens them to explore ways they can enhance the guest interaction.

What is unique about Phaceology over surveys and traditional voice-of-guest platforms?

There is nothing on the market that quantifies face-to-face (F2F) guest emotional response in a given situation, let alone provides the remediation tools to improve the guest experience. While no guest faces are saved in the system, the metrics give a detailed view of every guest’s reaction to the experience. Couple this with data showing the impact staff have on the guest experience and we can begin extrapolating correlations on what works best to trigger the optimal guest outcome.

What are the impacts of implementing Phaceology?

Negative guest reviews go down. Businesses retain more customers. Positive reviews go up as marketing campaigns begin driving traffic to locations delivering on brand promises. Positive net promoter communities grow. Revenues rise and become more stable. It all begins with helping teams measure their interactions so they can improve and deliver increasingly outstanding customer experiences.

Can Phaceology integrate with other systems?

Login dashboards, which can include open API aggregation with disparate systems, can give a comprehensive analysis of layered metrics, as well. This allows for a deep look into longitudinal comparatives, like voice of guest, revenue, employee feedback, learning management systems, weather, traffic, flight delays, etc. all of which affect, and can be affected by, the guest experience.

How do I receive my Phaceology data?

Perhaps the most powerful feature is the daily push of data via email and/or text/app notifications that give a quick glance at today’s most relevant ‘news’ and numbers from the system. This is a powerful snapshot of what we call the Daily High 5 – the top 5 most important things you need to know today compared to this week, this month and/or among an entire brand, customized for each user, giving your company the business intelligence edge it’s looking for.

What does Phaceology do?

We help businesses measure-to-optimize each customer interaction, so your teams can delight guests, and keep them coming back.